Make Me Vogue1

Chanishta just graduated from Johnston Heights Secondary School. She comes from Mauritius which is an island nation off the southeast coast of the African continent. She has a slender figure and her dream is to become a model. Everything on her seems perfect except that she has difficulties in finding and building her own unique style. Just like other high school girls, she is always wearing t-shirts, casual jewelry, and overly slouchy handbags. To guide her discover and explore her own beauty, Our Make Me Vogue stylists team created two different looks for her.

Before MMV:


Street style with a wild imagination

The lady with a lightweight navy asymmetrical jacket triggers feelings of attraction in us. The high suede heels, simple-style bralette top and well-fitting culottes show her figure in a way that is sexy without being overt. Being styled with a black shoulder bag with "pony hair" and classic jewellery is a brilliant way to add a louche element to the stunning look. The luscious and arrogant street style has also captured a wild imagination.