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Chanishta just graduated from Johnston Heights Secondary School. She comes from Mauritius which is an island nation off the southeast coast of the African continent. She has a slender figure and her dream is to become a model. Everything on her seems perfect except that she has difficulties in finding and building her own unique style. Just like other high school girls, she is always wearing t-shirts, casual jewelry, and overly slouchy handbags. To guide her discover and explore her own beauty, Our Make Me Vogue stylists team created two different looks for her.

Before MMV:

After MMV:

Our team positioned her as a girl who works for a fashion magazine in Downtown Vancouver. As a girl who is experiencing the transition from college to a workplace, her first look needs to be polished, urban, practical, and trendy. Therefore, our team chose a leather motorcycle jacket, a pink nude sleeveless romper, high heels with geometric design and contrast color, and a pure black handbag. The leather jacket makes her aura field stronger, and the nude romper balances the masculinity of the leather jacket and shows her femininity at the same time. Additionally, this romper sets her slender legs off to advantage. The black simple handbag and the high heels are responding to her tops, which makes the overall look is harmonious and chic. The makeup on her is clean and classic, we do not want a heavy makeup as it is inappropriate for workplaces. And the high ponytail hair makes her look defined and capable but also ladylike.  

The another look our team chose is bright blue silky V-line dress embellished with flora design, which draws upon every ideal of chic. This look aims to present her jaunty, unusual, playful, whimsical and girly side. The deep V neckline makes her sexy and attractive and the flora designs also liven the dress. Her makeup is bold and the weight on red lipsticks and dramatic eyeliner enable her look trendy and spunky.The hair we chose for her is the french braid pigtails, which presents her girly side. Since the key of this look is the dress, thus we chose the grey suede sandal.

 Style by Ancelin (Instagram: @ancelinchi)
 Photo by District'  (Instagram: @yesglamdistrict)
 Black Clutch:  Drammatico chi

***Please look forward to the next Make Me Vogue. If you are interested in being a volunteer in this fashion feast, please contact yesglam.district@gmail.com ***

<The next VOGUE is you.....>

<The next VOGUE is you.....>

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